Ministry of Writing a Child

One thing that took me by surprise on my Compassion trip to Ecuador was the importance of the letters that sponsors send to the children.  In my everyday life, I am bombarded with email, texts, advertisements, and junk mail.  But not so in the poor areas of the world where Compassion works.  In many villages, there are no mailboxes, no post office, no addresses.  No one receives mail.  No one travels.  Most never go more than a few miles from the place they are born their entire lives.

Is Compassion a trustworthy non-profit?

Throughout the years, Compassion has consistently averaged more than 80 percent of total expenditures being used for program activities, with less than 20 percent being used for fund raising and administration. During the past five years, the actual program percentage has averaged nearly 82 percent.  

We use conservative accounting methods that do not inflate our effectiveness in this regard. That's why Compassion earns the very highest ratings from independent agencies that look into the financial management of nonprofit organizations, including:

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