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Child Sponsorship Explained

Compassion projects are located in the building facilities of a local church.  All ministry is done as an extension of the local church, maximizing the church building and classrooms throughout the week, and helping the local church be the center of ministry for the communtiy in each area.

Ministry of Writing a Child

One thing that took me by surprise on my Compassion trip to Ecuador was the importance of the letters that sponsors send to the children.  In my everyday life, I am bombarded with email, texts, advertisements, and junk mail.  But not so in the poor areas of the world where Compassion works.  In many villages, there are no mailboxes, no post office, no addresses.  No one receives mail.  No one travels.  Most never go more than a few miles from the place they are born their entire lives.

Compassion Ministry Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child write to me?

Your child will write to you at least three times a year. A teacher or staff person will help children who have yet to learn how to read and write. Letter writing is developmental for children as it improves their basic literacy, self-awareness and ability to put thoughts and feelings into words.