Ministry of Writing a Child

One thing that took me by surprise on my Compassion trip to Ecuador was the importance of the letters that sponsors send to the children.  In my everyday life, I am bombarded with email, texts, advertisements, and junk mail.  But not so in the poor areas of the world where Compassion works.  In many villages, there are no mailboxes, no post office, no addresses.  No one receives mail.  No one travels.  Most never go more than a few miles from the place they are born their entire lives.

A big part of the Compassion office in each country is like a post office - translating thousands of letters each month from sponsors to children, and from children back to their sponsors.  If you sponsor a child, writing to your child is truly a ministry.  Each letter is cherished by the child, and often kept for their entire lives.  I heard stories from older Compassion children, sharing how much the letters meant to them as they grew up, and helped them grow in their Christian faith and make it through tough times.  On one home visit to a small one room home - living conditions of a very poor family - and on the wall were the letters to the child from their sponsor.  There were no pictures or any decorations on the concrete block wall, but the letters were so precious to the child and to the entire family that they had them prominently displayed where they could be seen every day.


You might be thinking "But I don't write letters anymore!"  No worries...when you sponsor a child, you can go to the Compassion website and write your letter on-line - just as easy as writing an email. 

Sponsoring a child, and then writing the child a few times a year is an incredible ministry that will change their life!

What are you waiting for?  Start your ministry to a child today!